The 3 Misconceptions of Digital Signage

The 3 Misconceptions of Digital Signage 6 August 2021

Digital signage has transformed the way we communicate with our audience. Marketing will never be the same as we utilize this technology, and businesses of all sizes enjoy a positive return on investment.

Why has the world turned to digital signage? It's easy, it's here to stay. From increased sales to dynamic advertising and content flexibility, the impact digital signage can have is undeniable. 

Yet despite the medium's growing popularity, some businesses still have their reservations. That's why we are here to debunk the common misconceptions about digital signage. 


Digital signage costs too much

A common concern is that digital signage won't provide a return of investment. 

Digital signage no longer requires unique software, expensive equipment and a convoluted set up. Any HD display can be controlled remotely and set up via a USB, all provided by one software company such as Signstix. 

This allows you to present tailored content and start generating sales immediately. Compared to traditional signage where promotional material could only be used once, digital signage offers a huge ROI as it moves with your business as you control all of the content, all of the time. 


Digital signage is difficult to use

Whilst difficulty can be subjective, digital signage can be as simple as you want it to be, from ‘set it and forget it’ campaigns to utilizing video and social media platforms and displaying up to date content.

Software providers also provide support in the form of troubleshooting, templates for your signage and tutorial videos, so you can get the most out of your signage. 


Digital signage is connected to an external computer


At the dawn of digital signage, that may have been the case. External computers could be connected to the screen via VGA or HDMI-cable. Understandably, the cable and hardware required for one screen used to be rather off-putting. 

That's why the market evolved into what we have today. Sleek, modern screens, with internal media players that eliminated the need for anything else. 

Just install your screen and pop in the USB from your software provider and all of your signage needs are solved. This level of efficiency is why digital signage has become integral to modern marketing.  

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