Lift and Learn - Interactive Digital Signage

Lift and Learn - Interactive Digital Signage 25 March 2019

We have highlighted some of the ways in which companies are using digital signage in creative ways in order to enhance both their customer engagement and marketing campaigns, and Lift and Learn Digital Signage is one of the tools companies are using to achieve this.

As digital signage technology improves, so too does the scope for implementing it into stores and retail spaces to improve customer experiences. Signage adds a visual element, of course, but used with other technology, digital signage can be an immersive and interactive feature of a store, helping to bring customers closer to the specific product you are looking to promote, and to your company as a brand.

How Does Lift and Learn Work?

Using RF technology, sensors detect when an object, or in the case of a retail space, a product has been moved or lifted up by a customer. This in turn communicates with digital signage to display a custom message, usually in the form of a video explaining more about the product or demonstrating its use. This can help encourage customers to make a purchase, or engage them with the brand on a deeper level. This creative use of signage, while simple in its installation and execution, is actually a very sophisticated and innovative sales tool.

Such intricate communication between technology requires the appropriate software to enable it to work. Not only do we provide the hardware for our clients, but working with digital signage software company SignStix, we are also able to provide a full hardware and software solution. If you would like to know more about Lift and Learn and how you can implement it in your stores, please get in touch.

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