Ideas for Digital Signage

Ideas for Digital Signage 3 September 2018

Digital signage provides lots of benefits for businesses, particularly those looking to create better experiences for their customers. It’s those businesses that use digital signage in innovative ways however that get the most out of it.

Planning and executing the installation of your digital signage systems is important to the success of the project, but how you use it and the type of content you display will also play a huge part in how your customers engage with it. Here are some ways in which you can utilise your digital signage to maximise its impact and create a truly unique experience for your customers...

Create A Seamless Customer Experience

Digital signage can be updated instantly, without too much technical knowledge from your team. Promotions can be introduced and changed quickly and as a response to customer activity in-store, or can display directions or important information to help customers make the most of their visit. The position of the screens may dictate the type of content that’s appropriate to display, but if you have customer experience in mind, you can create a responsive and accessible visit for those shopping in your store.

Encourage Interaction

Whether you encourage interaction with the screens by displaying customer-generated content (via social media for example) or engage customers enough to visit other areas of the store, you can use digital signage to change customer behaviour, and improve customer engagement and retention.

Use With Other Technology

Beacon technology is the perfect partner for digital signage. Beacons can be strategically placed around the store, which are then triggered by customers to display customised content on screens. You can use this to help drive sales, or enhance the customers’ experience by delivering tailored messages.

Be Unique

We have used the word “experience” a lot, and with good reason. With the rise in online shopping forcing physical stores to change their approach in attracting customers, digital signage is a useful tool in providing that special, unique experience for visitors to your store. You need to stand out from your competitors and give your customers a reason to make the journey to your store.

If you would like more information on planning your digital signage strategy, we would love to talk to you about it. Conceptunet provide installation of HD digital signage with custom designs and specification. There are no set up or hardware restrictions, and content creation is very simple, allowing you to be much more proactive with campaigns and promotions.

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