Digital signage

Digital signage is changing the way businesses communicate. We offer digital signage solutions for industrial and corporate environments, as well as the retail and hospitality sectors.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Solutions that provide better communication and efficiency for manufacturing and industrial environments.


Use digital signage to create more engaging spaces, increase sales and get the message out in retail environments.


Improved corporate communications - sharing key messages and aiding productivity with a digital solution.

Digital signage solutions to transform the way your business communicates

Digital signage is quickly becoming the norm in modern public retail spaces, and for companies that really wish to connect with their customers or employees, video walls can help to create a unique and tailored experience. Industrial and corporate environments are also benefiting from the powerful capabilities of signage technology.

Conceptunet provides installation of high definition digital signage solutions of any size and orientation, allowing for custom designs and specification. With no setup and hardware restrictions, and simple content creation and management tools, you're empowered to be much more proactive with campaigns and promotions.

We work alongside SignStix to deliver a range of digital signage services, including support, content management, training, development, project management and installation.

A single platform for a smarter space

We work closely with digital engagement software company SignStix to provide complete digital signage solutions for our clients. Designed with simplicity at its core, SignStix offers an easy way for you to deliver the right information, in the right way, at the right time.

The SignStix platform runs on any screen or display and can connect to any physical internet-connected device. From lights to displays, smart devices to speakers, SignStix connects and coordinates everything, creating digital touchpoints that offer customised, interactive experiences for your staff or customers.

Engage your customers

Digital signage has the power to transform retail and public spaces, and provoke responses from customers and visitors. Not only can marketing and sales information be displayed on strategically selected screens, but with other technologies such as touch screen or lift and learn, you can bring products and services closer to your customers to create a unique and engaging environment - crucial in the current retail climate.

Reactive and interactive software

Digital signage is extremely useful for communication and reactive messaging in corporate environments. SignStix software connects all of your workplace devices together, along with your signage, to display crucial messaging and make real-time business decisions on your behalf. As soon as you wish to make an announcement, or an external influence is detected, your environment will adapt in the blink of an eye.

There are countless practical uses for the software, including coordinating the safe evacuation of staff with automated announcements, managing adaptive lighting, sending SMS alerts and digital signage that automatically updates with building directions, prompted from the signal of any alarm or emergency switch.

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