How digital signage is helping businesses prepare for the new normal

How digital signage is helping businesses prepare for the new normal 13 July 2020

As retail and non-essential businesses begin to reopen their doors, we will all need to adapt to the new normal. There’s a new demand for unique digital signage solutions to help manage social distancing and continue to live stream important updates during this adjustment period. 

Capacity Management

Capacity management is the process in which cameras are used to count people within an enclosed space, such as an individual shop or shopping centre. This helps to control the number of visitors and ensures the maximum number at any one time isn’t exceeded. Once the system detects that the capacity limit is reached, an automated link via CMS to a digital screen displaying stop/go messaging will indicate to new visitors that they will need to wait, ensuring will display that all guidelines are adhered to helping to limit the spread of the coronavirus. 

An example of this is the “digital traffic light system”. This is usually installed within the entranceway, to make it clear whether customers can enter the shop or have to wait until there are fewer customers inside. This method uses optical sensors, which count visitors at the entrances and exits, and calculates the current occupancy levels based on the shop’s size. 

Aldi was one of the first UK based shops to implement the new traffic light system, which will run alongside the current social distancing measures that are already in place. This includes protective screens at checkouts, distancing markers on shop floors, sanitisation stations for customers as well as further signage to offering clear guidance on how to shop safely. 

Temperature Checking Cameras

Thermal cameras detect temperature by recognising and capturing different levels of infrared light. Both airports and workspaces are deploying thermal cameras during the return to work, to control Covid-19 by checking if employees or passengers are showing a temperature of 37.8C or greater.

The cameras alert the right person that somebody has entered with a high temperature. Although this alone is not a coronavirus test, it will help alert us towards people with symptoms and stop the spread. 

This technology can also be combined with an automated barrier entry system that will only allow access to people with a temperature below a specific threshold

Hand Sanitisers

There’s even new advances to hand washing as we combine hand sanitizers with digital signage. The launch of innovative signage based LCD displays with an integrated automatic hand sanitiser dispenser allows the latest guidelines to be promoted alongside company policies or promotional messages whilst offering the opportunity to sanitise your hands and minimise the spread of infection. An auto dispense system can detect hands and dispense automatically via the built-in IR Sensor leaving a clean, safe and completely touch-free hand sanitising station to avoid cross infection.

You can even get clever hand sanitisers dispensers, that with the right CMS, can issue automated warnings that the sanitisers require a refill. 

These are just some of the clever new initiates that digital signage has helped enhance the way we work at the moment. All in addition to the ongoing benefits of using simple digital signage methods and displays to provide instant, up to date advice and guidelines anywhere you go. These can be quickly amended as we get new information through, such as the new changes from 2m to 1m social distancing. 

If you’re interested in how this could help your business, get in touch with a member of our team today.



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