5 Ways Digital Signage is Transforming Gyms

5 Ways Digital Signage is Transforming Gyms 9 June 2021

Digital signage has become well established as the effective, modern method of communicating to your audience. Resonating with your target customers has never been so efficient and this is certainly true when it comes to fitness. 

The business model of gyms focuses on repeat business, loyal members and employees who can create the perfect customer experience. 

Digital signage can enhance all of the above and is transforming this business model. Here are 5 ways Digital Signage is transforming gyms... 


1. Success Stories & Motivation

One benefit of digital signage is interactivity. Video content can be displayed to highlight new workout routines and how members can get the most out of their membership. This also allows members to select individual exercises that relate to their own personal fitness goals. 

Signage can also track members' results and overall progress, resulting in motivated, returning customers. Much like fitness apps like Strava, a social media element can be included so members can share their ongoing progress, thus creating a rewarding customer experience and free advertising for the gym. 

Highlighting other success stories is also possible. Whether a member has hit a new fitness milestone or broke an ongoing record, digital signage is ideal for echoing the accomplishments of existing members. 


2. Security & Saftey 

Security and safety is always a priority for a gym. Smart signage offers the ability to display first aid instructions and preventive measures and information on how to use certain equipment for the less experienced members. 

A dynamic approach to sharing such content can be useful for new customers and make a difference between casual and regular clients. 

Digital signage can also be used at the reception to sign members in and out, manage online bookings and calculate how busy the gym is.  


3. Education

Sharing content with your audience has never been easier than with digital signage. Gyms can now display nutritional advice and fitness tips to their clientele. This is another opportunity to advertise the gym's services, from appointments with nutritionists to a preview of new workout classes; so the members can ‘try before they buy'. 

This is all free information that conveys the investment the gym has in its members' wellness. They stay loyal to the gym, and in return, they get the support and education they need to progress on their fitness journey. 


4. A Sense of Community 

Developing a sense of community is key to customer retention. One study by researchers at the University of New England has shown that group exercise is more effective than working out alone for relieving stress. Group challenges, classes and contests can all be displayed on digital signage and in return, keep gym members informed and engaged.

This is also an opportunity for the business to stay connected with local or non-profit events which can be advertised on signage. Donating space to local charity events and linking them with fitness activities, gives members the opportunity to get active, both physically and within the community. 

5. External Advertising

If gyms are looking to increase their ROI, digital signage can offer ad space to third-party businesses. Suitable for any healthy lifestyle industries, juice bars, health food shops or nutrition clinics could all provide a separate revenue stream via digital signage. 




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