Mistakes To Avoid When Upgrading Your Structured Cabling

Mistakes To Avoid When Upgrading Your Structured Cabling 18 July 2018

When installing structured cabling systems, some of the biggest problems arise when trying to rectify poorly installed systems.

As data speeds increase, adhering to guidelines (for instance cable lengths, patch cord lengths, patch panel and outlet standards and testing standards to name a few) is extremely important. If cabling is poorly installed or installed incorrectly, your whole network could suffer as a result. Here are some of the big mistakes made by organisations when installing structured cabling…

Underestimating Cables

Many people underestimate the value of network cabling, and may not deem it a priority for their business. Cabling links desktop PCs and machines to network switches, then links those switches to servers, to internet routers, to wireless access points… If you think about how many end users will need to connect across the building, and the speed and reliability of the connection they will need, it quickly becomes apparent just how valuable good quality, robust structured cabling is.

Neglecting Testing

Structured cabling is a key investment for your business, and signing off on the project without conducting thorough testing can cost you dearly further down the line. Not only is testing essential for warranty purposes, but also for the knowledge that your investment will serve you for a long time. What’s more, replacing cables once they have been installed and the building is occupied is naturally more expensive and disruptive.

Not Researching Cabling Installers

Look into a number of different structured cabling companies before choosing one. Be sure to look into the types of projects they’ve previously been involved with to get an idea of whether or not they will be able to cope with what you need, and try to get in touch with some of their past clients for testimonials if they don’t have them displayed already. This will help you understand how your installers will work with you and what the process will be like for your team. Here are some of the organisations and global brands we have worked with.

Keeping Messy Cables

Not only does poor cable organisation and storage look unsightly, it can also significantly affect performance and reliability of your systems. Cabling can get damaged if it gets pulled out or strain is put onto it, or it can be plugged into incorrect ports if it isn’t clearly organised and labelled.


Installing good quality cabling and hiring professionals to carry out the work is much more cost effective than having to rectify problems or mistakes sometime in the future. Many big cabling issues are easily avoided in installation, which means that getting it right at the start of the project is so important.

If you would like to know more about how we work with organisations to upgrade their structured cabling, or about the projects and companies we have previously worked with, please get in touch.

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