How Digital Signage is Being Used in The Corporate Environment

How Digital Signage is Being Used in The Corporate Environment 12 December 2018

We have looked at how digital signage is being used in the retail sector to help innovate and strengthen brand awareness in-store, but there are many uses for digital signage in the corporate arena too.

Employee engagement is a core goal for many businesses, however, according to digital signage experts SignStix: “Only 25% of business leaders have an employee engagement strategy, and at 65%, the UK recorded the lowest average employee engagement level worldwide”. What these companies need is a simple, but effective way of getting messages out to their employees, and digital signage offers that solution.

While communication and engagement is the primary purpose for corporate digital signage, there are some unique and really effective ways in which some organisations are utilising it to transform the way their company operates. Here are some of the creative uses for corporate digital signage that can help engage your workforce, and connect you to your team.

Video Walls

Creative and dynamic visuals can be displayed in key areas of the office either as a feature piece, or to display necessary information.

Live Dashboards/Statistics

This can help drive people to meet targets, let work groups know how they are performing, or display information when targets have been met, all in real-time.

Interactive Staff Training Guides

If new ways of working are being implemented, reminders, or useful information can be displayed to help adoption. Employees can also interact with the screens to display specific information.

Emergency Wayfinding

In an emergency, such as fire, digital signage can automatically change along with alarms in order to display safe emergency exit routes.

Live Broadcasts

Newsletters or group announcements can be streamed as live broadcasts to signage around the office (or across multiple sites at the same time), saving time in organisation and disruption.

Conceptunet are pleased to partner with SignStix, expert providers of digital signage platforms and software, to enable companies to get creative with their digital signage hardware. SignStix’s web-based interactive tools, users can easily create sophisticated interactive experiences and custom applications at the touch of a button, and deploy to almost any screen or device within seconds. If you would like to know more about implementing a digital signage engagement strategy in your organisation, please get in touch. We have the tools you need to deliver your message.

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