How Digital Signage has helped Coronavirus Communication

How Digital Signage has helped Coronavirus Communication 7 April 2020

Digital signage is one of the best ways to communicate important information quickly and cost-effectively, and is playing a big part in helping the NHS communicate with employees, patients and guests, ensuring all are receiving the correct information during this important time.

The impact of the coronavirus on NHS services is potentially huge, and it is important to communicate clearly with NHS employees and the public in a timely manner. Digital signage is a fast and effective way of communicating the latest guidance for health care providers, patient advice, infection control methods, hand hygiene and self-isolation.

The intelligent software installed on the screens can display multiple pieces of information all on one screen at the same time, meaning everyone receives their message at the same time. Another key use of digital signage is to help provide public safety information for people to help protect themselves from infection and keep up-to-date on the latest developments.

If you are looking for further information about the coronavirus condition, visit the NHS website and for advisory information see the UK Government’s response.

Given how quickly information needs to be changing and constantly updated, it is almost impossible to rely on traditional printing companies to provide posters due to the lead time. We have seen digital content being updated and deployed real time across multiple screens and creating a much greater impact compared to sheets of paper printed off and stuck on the wall or new messages written on notice boards, meaning it’s quicker, safer and following the social distancing guidelines. 

This has been beneficial for the NHS but it can be incorporated into any organisation to help communication throughout the business. Not all of the screens in your organisation need to be customer-facing, screens can be used in your break room or around the office to communicate with employees. Whether it’s a meeting calendar, rules and regulations, or a shout out for great work, digital signage works just as well for corporate communication as it does for sharing critical information.

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