How Digital Signage Enhances Education

How Digital Signage Enhances Education 17 September 2020

Digital signage is changing and improving the ways in which educational institutions communicate with pupils, staff and visitors. It allows schools, colleges and universities to reach their audience with engaging, relevant and consistent displays, using either scheduled content or real-time messages. 

Whether you have 1 or 50 screens, the technology provides an easy to use platform to interact with and inform students and staff, ensuring the right message goes out at the right time to the right people. Here are just a few benefits to investing in digital signage for your educational organisation.


Children today have increasingly short attention spans. As teachers compete with more distractions, it makes sense to be communicating with pupils more effectively through the technologies they are familiar with. 

Technologies have played a big part in recent events, during the pandemic as we relied on home-schooling to keep our children educated from home, which is both challenging for parents and the children adapting. Educating changed temporarily, as there became a wide use of e-learning modules with children’s using tablets or laptops which made the subject matter more interesting and engaging for the children.

Once back to school, headteachers can deliver live school news throughout the building, whether this is on a live stream or by integrating their social media as it automatically updates, making the most of the content already created. During the return back to school, digital signage has been used to broadcast assemblies to multiple classes at once using platforms such as teams and zoom, to integrate the ‘social bubbles’ whilst keeping children apart and safe. This could also be used to send messages home to anyone that may be self-isolating. 

Alternatively, the same screen can be used to stream live TV, to allow for staff entertainment during their breaks or be integrated with local traffic and weather information, specific messages can even be triggered by specific weather events e.g. Warnings of slippery surfaces during cold and wet spells. Instead of relying on bulletin boards or temporary whiteboard messages for important notices, digital signage will ensure that memos and alerts are delivered to those who need to see them.

The use of touchscreens can further enhance the user experience and improve engagement with content and key messages. Appropriate hand cleaning facilities are obviously important to accompany touchscreens in the current environment.

Cutting costs

The installation of digital signage immediately cuts operational costs by reducing paper and printer use. Over the lifespan of a digital signage display, your educational institution stands to save thousands of pounds on paper and printer toner.

Installing digital screens in school corridors can be beneficial when advertising listings such as school trips, theatre performances or other events on the school calendar. Dynamic screens utilise video, images and moving text to present the relevant information rather than paying excessive amounts for posters and further advertising measures. 

Enhances learning experience

Children and students are familiar with new technologies as their most-used form of interaction and, as a result, visual stimulation appeals to them more than a spoken lecture or reading from a textbook. Interactive whiteboards also allow for students to still get involved during lessons, with less chance of the accidental deletion of work and damage to boards. 

Social Distancing 

Whilst we are still maintaining social distancing, digital signage can be used to help keep education settings COVID safe for both students and staff. Simple installations include: 

Automated temperature checks
Headcount in any relevant communal areas
Proximity sensors to trigger reminders on social distancing guidelines 
signage to remind people which way to get around the school 

If you want to enhance your communication with your students and are looking at ways to do so, get in touch with a member of the team today.

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