Get Yourself Connected

Get Yourself Connected 8 August 2019

For a truly versatile and effective digital retail environment, you need to be able to access and manage all your devices quickly and conveniently. 

We have looked at the ways in which companies are creating dynamic retail environments using digital signage. While digital signage, electronic screens and video walls play a big part in being able to create a stunning and engaging space for your customers, to develop the most effective displays or campaigns, you need to pull in as much of your digital ecosystem as possible and take a fully connected approach.

Hardware and Software

You may have a “fleet” of hardware able to connect to the internet, but you need a way to connect them to each other. Working with software company SignStix, we are able to offer our clients a holistic solution which includes hardware sourcing, planning and installation, with software and support provided. This means that we are able to get our clients’ hardware working for them in the precise way they want it to. The software is also fully customisable, allowing simple in-store advertising, or more complex functionality such as warehouse management or logistics tracking.

Digital Signage

As digital signage becomes more and more important to a wide variety of business’s daily operations, users need to have full control over the hardware to easily create, manage and deploy digital content and videos. Not only does the SignStix software platform allow this, it also connects different types of devices, allowing them to communicate with hardware such as digital signage...

Interactive Applications

Users can easily create sophisticated interactive experiences and custom applications, without having to write or even understand a single line of code. These applications can then be used to deliver content to interactive screens, tablets and smartphones simultaneously or based on event triggers.

Automated Communications

Incredibly dynamic digital campaigns can be created by users, and content such as images, stats or pricing can be automated depending on audience behaviour or other outside factors. Existing hardware can be integrated with third-party technology such as audio and lighting systems or even proximity technologies such as beacons for a truly engaging experience.

We discuss the benefits of digital signage to retailers here, and look at some marketing strategies utilising the technology that retailers are employing to great effect. If you would like more information on how you can connect your organisations devices and get them to work in the way you want them to, please get in touch.

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