What is Digital Signage?

What is Digital Signage? 3 January 2018

Digital signage is being adopted at a rapid rate by UK retailers, but is it right for your business?

The first thing to note when considering digital signage, is that it is more than just a gimmick, or a purely aesthetic feature. 80% of customers say that they have entered a store due to a digital sign catching their interest, and around 40% say that digital signs close to the point of purchase can change their mind on what they would like to buy. We have discussed the benefits that digital signage has as opposed to traditional printed signage in a previous blog.

What Do You Need For Digital Signage?

There are a number of components and steps you will need to take to have functioning digital signage in your store...


This includes the actual screens themselves, as well as mounts, network components and other accessories


This is the software which will enable you to display your content on the screens


Whether this is a wired or WiFi connection, you will need some form of connection to your content management system, which could be a laptop or desktop computer for example


From planning and gathering specifications to final installation, you will need professionals to take care of the whole process every step of the way to ensure the best possible results


Quality of the signage aside, content will determine how successful your digital signage campaigns are. Be sure to invest time or money into excellent content

There are also a number of questions you should ask yourself before diving straight into digital signage. Start with “what are you trying to achieve with digital signage?” This will be the overarching question, and once you have answered this, you can then look into specifics. You need to identify budget, how many screens you need, the timeline for project completion, and what your content strategy will be once your digital screens have been fitted. If you plan on using the screens indefinitely or for multiple campaigns, you should take this into account when identifying your requirements.

If you are working to a budget, it’s easy to be put off by digital signage, however hardware and installation costs may not be as high as you think. If you would like to talk to us about a digital signage or network installation project, please get in touch.

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