Keeping Up With Digital Signage

Keeping Up With Digital Signage 9 October 2017

Digital signage is quickly becoming the norm, especially in public spaces, larger retail stores and even restaurants, but are you keeping up with this growing trend?

There are many benefits to digital signage that traditional printed signage just cannot compete with, and the industry continues to evolve, providing integration with individual users and customers. The popularity of mobile and social media provides even more possibilities for interaction and engagement, bringing digital into the store.

Digital Signage - A Must

For companies that count millenials among their target customers, digital signage is a must. Millenials not only understand technology, but they have an affinity with it, and as such like to be associated with brands that talk to and engage with them. As an example, we are seeing more and more food outlets and restaurants adopt app integration so that customers can order food from their phones. Younger customers are looking for technological integration with their experience and digital signage should be at the forefront of your on site plans. Couple this with fast and reliable WiFi access and you can start to develop a personalised in-store experience.

A Unique And Tailored Environment

When used effectively, digital signage and strong connectivity can generate a unique in-store environment for your customers. Millennials seek out content digitally, and so you need to get your message out in the places they will be looking. Dynamic, digital screens allow for targeted messaging which can delivered quickly and managed fluidly.

While online marketing spend rapidly increases, there is no reason this can’t be brought in-store, and digital signage provides the perfect integration solution. Conceptunet have installed digital signage systems for a number of large retailers and organisations, and are experts in installing fast, reliable connection solutions. By partnering with SignStix, we are able to transform your existing signage into something that will command attention.

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