Being Flexible With Digital Signage

Being Flexible With Digital Signage 6 March 2019

After you have identified a need for digital signage, whether in a customer facing business, or within your organisation or corporate environment, it is beneficial to be open to the different ways you, your team and your customers can engage with it. There are a number of different types of digital signage, which can be utilised by organisations in very different and creative ways…

Corporate and Internal Digital Signage

Digital signage is often associated with retail spaces, however it is an excellent tool for connecting with employees too. As well as offering a canvas for internal communications and information distribution, digital signage can be used as an aesthetic tool to transform work spaces, or for broadcasting live or pre-recorded videos. For more on how digital signage is being used in the corporate environment, take a look at our previous blog here.

Video Wall

Large, 4K video walls are used to display dynamic, high-definition videos, graphics and animated content. Video walls are used to enhance retail environments, creating a unique atmosphere for customers, or used to bring office environments or welcome areas to life, enhancing workspaces.

Interactive Digital Signage

With the right hardware and software package, interactive signage can be extremely effective. Touch screen displays allow customers or team members to interact and engage with content, enabling them to find relevant information that is appropriate to the individual. Interactive digital signage promotes creativity within marketing departments too and allows for a much more dynamic environment for customers and working groups alike.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Large, statement signage can help draw attention, develop brand awareness and capture new business for retailers. You are able to display opening and closing times, upcoming events, information on nearby vendors, exclusive in-store offers, parking availability, exit directions and much more. All of this can be done quickly, and at the touch of a button with dedicated software.

Conceptunet work closely with our clients to offer bespoke digital signage solutions to help them maximise the effectiveness and usability of their products. Working with signage software providers SignStix, we are able to create truly custom hardware and software packages, and if appropriate, we also offer out-of-the box solutions to make things as simple as possible for our clients. Our ability to be flexible and create tailored products is what sets us apart from other providers. If you would like more information on how we can transform your space, please get in touch.

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