Why UCP is Better Than Landline Telephones

Why UCP is Better Than Landline Telephones 7 September 2018

Unified Communications Platform (UCP) is a type of communications system which replaces the traditional landline telephone, and has transformed the way that modern businesses communicate.

Smartphones, PCs and laptops provide some similar features and benefits, but there are very good reasons why more and more businesses are adopting and sticking with UCP. Many companies are reluctant to make the step forward in upgrading their telephone systems, but here are some key, practical ways that UCP will make a difference to your day-to-day business operations...

Easy Installation

Traditional telephone systems could require days or even weeks worth of installation, and can be disruptive to your team. UCP can be installed and configured in just a few hours, ensuring convenience with minimum disturbance.

Well Supported

UCP systems have ongoing support, with troubleshooting and customer service available in real time. This means if something does go wrong, a quick fix is never too far away, getting you back online as soon as possible.

Cost Effective

UCP is a cheaper alternative to landline phones in terms of operational costs, and boasts much more benefits.


You can use your UCP phone from any location to call and retrieve messages, meaning you aren’t stuck to a physical location, as you are with landlines. If your broadband connection goes down, you can simply connect to a different internet source and carry on uninterrupted.

Best Video Calling Experience

Conferencing and long distance calls are not only quicker, with lower latency due to higher bandwidth, but connections are also more reliable too.


Not everyone will need video calling functionality. Luckily there are a range of products available, allowing you to choose the best solution for you.

We have helped many companies make the switch from traditional comms systems to UCPs, and would love to help you do the same. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about the benefits of UCP to modern businesses.

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