Preparing For GDPR

Preparing For GDPR 18 September 2017

GDPR is on the way, and companies need to start making preparations ahead of the new changes
to data law.
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be implemented in the UK by the 25th May
2018. The regulation is designed to unify businesses around the world in how they handle data.
Although GDPR is an EU regulation, UK organisations should still be prepared to implement it,
despite the fact that the UK will be withdrawing from the European Union. Large fines await
companies which do not comply with the legislation:

“In the UK firms that suffer a serious data breach could be fined up to £17m or 4% of global turnover.
The current maximum fine firms can suffer for breaking data protection laws is £500,000. The UK’s
Information Commissioner will have its powers strengthened and extended to help it police the new

You can find full details on GDPR on the ICO website, but in order to comply there are some basic
steps your company will need to take…

  • You must disclose which data you are holding to your customers, telling them how long their
    information will be held for, and allowing them to withdraw their information if they wish.
  • Create set guidelines and processes for managing data.
  • Implement a data removal solution.
  • Think about the types of data you will be collecting and identify methods of data storage.
  • This may be digitally or physically stored.
  • Cross-check your processes with any external or third party applications and software to ensure compliance.
  • Ensure your data storage method is as secure as possible, and install a contingency for data leaks. You will also need to report any leaks within 72 hours.

Tools To Help With GDPR

IP phones allow for secure recording of calls and management of data, with disclaimers to allow
callers to opt in to data capture. If you have a wireless or wired infrastructure, you may need to
include disclaimers which allow you to capture any users’ data too.

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