Making the most of your digital signage over Christmas

Making the most of your digital signage over Christmas 30 November 2020

With Christmas right around the corner, it is important to plan ahead your business marketing strategy and make the most of digital signage this season. Like many other businesses, you’ll be competing to win over your customer’s keen eye and entice them to engage with your business. 

Digital signage is a great way for you to boost your sales and brand awareness throughout the whole year, but over the festive period taking advantage of all the features will be especially beneficial. With so many stores and events competing for consumer attention during the holidays, retailers, restaurants and others have to be innovative and interactive to attract attention and convert browsers to spenders.

Here are a few ways you can make the most out of your digital signage.

Display offers and promotions
Everybody loves a bargain, especially at Christmas. Drive your customers directly to your best deals with clear and impactful digital messaging. Displaying your products being used, or demonstrating how they work shows customers how they can benefit from buying your goods and why they should choose to buy it over any other alternatives.

Go a step further and interact with your customers by adding a personal element to your business. Give your digital signage an interactive element and let them engage with your brand, leave with an experience they’ll want to tell people about and make you stand out from the crowd.

Consider the ‘new normal’
The COVID era has catalysed many new behaviours and activities within our lives, including scanning QR codes regularly. Not only does this provide a way for your customers to interact with your business, as it could take them straight to your website, but it encourages sale opportunities that may have been missed. If your products are currently out of stock in-store, drive traffic to your website to see if it’s available online for delivery or collection at a later date.

Contingency Planning
With the right CMS you can schedule campaigns in advance, including content changes throughout and after the Christmas and New Year period. This ensures the changes will happen as planned even if internet connection is lost during periods of closure. 

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