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In 2017, Conceptunet were chosen as the preferred installation partner for a UK wide rollout of over 600 Philips screens into retail warehouse locations.

The client's current warehouse delivery system had become outdated and in many locations was not providing the information staff needed. The upgrade project used the SignStix digital signage platform to display vital delivery information from multiple software platforms onto a single screen. This helped the warehouse team plan for deliveries and increase efficiency on site.

Conceptunet were involved in the pre-configuration and staging of all 600+ screens at our facility in Staveley along with the removal and disposal of the old warehouse system and installation of the SignStix solution.


Due to the size of the project, it was essential that Conceptunet meticulously planned the installation schedule so that each engineering team could be as efficient as possible.

Initial connectivity teething problems were resolved by Conceptunet creating a replica of the client's wireless network, so that the screens could be loaded with the relevant network settings during pre-staging. This extra time and attention to detail meant that the screens connected straight out of the box once the engineers got to site and increased installation speeds across the project.


Through a combination of good project management and a fantastic team of engineers, Conceptunet were able to deliver the project exactly as requested by the client. Since completion, we have received praise from numerous managers about the way the project was carried out and our professionalism on-site. Overall Conceptunet is proud of this project and the staff involved deserve maximum credit.

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