Is It Time To Upgrade Your Telephone System?

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Telephone System? 2 May 2018

For businesses looking to be adaptable and productive, an excellent telephone system is an absolute must.

iPECS UCP (unified communications platform) phones operate a little differently to regular “analogue” phones, and they provide a much more flexible and secure way of communicating. Traditional systems make it a little more complicated when scaling a business up and do not provide much in the way of adaptability. If you are looking to expand for example, you will need to look at installing new phone lines or reorganising your office. More and more businesses are making the switch to unified communications telephony for lots of reasons. Here are a few reasons why iPECS UCP phones are beneficial and why you may want to think about making the switch yourself…

1. Disaster Recovery

If you rely on being able to use the phone on a daily basis then uptime is a key reason to consider upgrading to a UCP phone system. As UCP runs via the internet, should an outage occur, disaster recovery initiates a backup server with minimal disruption. Compare this to an analogue system, where outages will last for an unknown amount of time, potentially lasting for hours. Customers, colleagues and partners will be able to stay in contact with you no matter what.

2. Simplicity

If you need to transfer callers between your colleagues in another part of the building, or even to mobiles outside of the office, nothing is more flexible than UCP telephony. Handing over or continuing conversations can be done at the touch of a button, ensuring callers aren’t left hanging and the conversation is conducted as efficiently as possible. You can also video, instant messaging and conference calls on the same, easy-to-use platform.

3. Remote Working

If your team occasionally works out of the office, either from home or at a hot desk, all they will need to do is plug their UCP phone into an internet connection to be able to take calls as if they were in the office. This minimal disruption to your business’s working day means that you can be much more fluid as a company, without losing any productivity.

4. Unlimited extensions

Whether your business is large or small, you can add any number of extensions to transfer calls around your company. This means you can have one centralised phone number and then direct callers to the correct person on department while in the call. This removes the need for numerous different lines and phone numbers and again, provides convenience for everyone involved. This also allows for scalability and company growth, meaning that installing or moving units around is a simple matter.

Our recommended iPECS UCP telephone systems are provided by Ericsson-LG. They offer a variety of on-site voice products and have a proven track record for quality. We believe that Ericsson-LG systems are the most resilient and reliable on the market, and provide excellent value for money. If you would like to know more about iPECS UCP telephone systems and how they can integrate into your business, please get in touch – we’d be happy to chat things through with you.

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