Hygienic Cabling in The Food and Beverage Industry

Hygienic Cabling in The Food and Beverage Industry 31 July 2017

Food and beverage companies face tough hygienic standards, but where does cabling fit into the design of a clean work space?

Naturally, companies in the food industry have to consider hygiene and cleanliness much more than businesses in other industries, and when manufacturing and packaging their products, every precaution must be taken to ensure there is no contamination. This often involves thorough cleaning routines using industrial cleaning products, however with frequent disinfecting and cleaning schedules, cabling and IT infrastructure can suffer if products have not been carefully selected with this in mind.

Resistant Cabling

Poor quality cabling can degrade over time if it does not have chemical, bacterial or grease and oil resistance. What’s more, if the shape of cable glands and connectors are not made from easily cleaned materials and have ridges or small corners, they can accumulate dirt which is tough to get rid of. Damaged cabling can also quickly become ruined if seals and insulation is breached, with the possibility of a fire hazard occurring.

The Solution

We offer a range of solutions for food and beverage companies looking to equip their work space with robust and hygienically sound cabling. Our high performance and fault-free copper and fibre optic cabling products are designed to withstand rigorous cleaning routines. Our cabling is PUR and antimicrobial clean room qualified and our outlets IP67 rated, ensuring the work environment is hygienic as possible.

If you would like to discuss specific needs relating to cabling in food and beverage related businesses, please get in touch.

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