Fitting Your Office with High-Speed Internet

Fitting Your Office with High-Speed Internet 25 June 2018

First class organisations need first class connectivity to operate effectively. Here’s how to make the step up to a fully connected office…

One of your first considerations before beginning your installation should be the people in your organisation. Who is going to be affected, how will they be affected and what will you do to make the process easier for them? If you are planning an ambitious connectivity overhaul, it could involve access points and cabling being installed, which may result in members of your team being moved around. Office relocation is quite often part and parcel of digital installation, and we ensure that all aspects of an installation is catered for, to make the process as easy as possible on our clients. Take a look at how we help offices relocate here.

Planning Ahead

Consider how many access points you are going to need, and whether or not wireless will suffice, or if you will need wired connections for workstations. You also need to consider the quality of your connections and the speed they are capable of. If you work in an office that needs high-speed internet, you want to be sure that the network you install is capable of delivering the types of speeds you’re looking for.

Full Upgrades

While you are undertaking one project, you may also wish to look at upgrading other aspects of your digital offering to minimise disruption to your business and further improve your infrastructure. While working with Burberry to refit their 13 storey offices in Westminster, we installed high-speed data, wireless and audio visual apparatus.  The result? A fully transformed contemporary office space. Time scales were tight, but we were able to meet the deadlines with minimum disruption.

Fitting Out Burberry

We provided Burberry with a future-proofed infrastructure using CAT6a F/UTP cabling, taking up less space than traditional unshielded products. This allows for flexible infrastructure, with over 3,000 outlets installed across different levels of the building. It also allows for speeds up to 10Gb to the desktop. The infrastructure not only provides connectivity throughout the building but also allows devices to be powered using POE.  What’s more, Conceptunet installed security, wireless and AV cabling throughout the site.

If you need help planning and installing high-speed internet in your office, please get in touch. Conceptunet have years worth of experience, and we work directly with our clients to provide a variety of high quality products and services, tailored specifically for them.

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