4 Ways Digital Signage can Transform your Distribution Warehouse

4 Ways Digital Signage can Transform your Distribution Warehouse 15 October 2021

Organising a warehouse is never easy, yet new technology is designed to make it easier. Inbound Logistics have found that the labour force constitutes around 65% of most warehouse operating budgets.

This means that communication within that labour force is more important than ever before. 

With more warehouses being built and staffed across the country, streamlining logistics, communicating clearly and ensuring safety, are all key elements offered by digital signage solutions. 

Here are a few key ways in which digital signage can become crucial to your business… 


Safety first

Cultivating a culture of safety is at the centre of most businesses. Not only are warehouses going to be full of potential hazards, but with social distancing concerns and different information required for different areas, an elegant solution is required. 

Digital signage can be utilised to reinforce safety measures not only regarding COVID-19 but regarding more common warehouse accidents. When combined with motion sensors and an appropriate CMS, safety warnings can be automatically triggered to provide more dynamic messaging.

They can do this by incorporating videos, pictures and infographics detailing the best safety practices. 

They can also be utilised to promote health and wellness within the workplace by providing tips on everything from exercise to stress management to reminders that support is always available if it’s required.

Output Monitoring

Digital signage can also be equipped with WISE-PaaS/RMM remote management software. This allows power scheduling, database recovery and remote monitoring.

This can also include Production line counters that give you accurate, up to the minute data, units produced per minute, hour, day, machine, and KPI data. This real-time information is all provided via remote management, streamlining your business with accurate data. 



Performance Improvement

Data visualisation can improve organisation and performance. Displays can alert any production problems such as monitoring reject rates and provide comparisons to targets or previous performance. 

One of the most beneficial aspects of digital signage in a warehouse is the potential for eliminating antiquated whiteboards; instead, you have the ability to display performance data in clear, real-time charts and graphs. 



A digital solution provides the power to display announcements to staff, either regularly or on a one-off basis. 

These can include congratulatory messages for good performance, any changes to working patterns, and the availability of overtime shifts, and create a culture around your company, sharing fun updates and team news. 



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