4 Ways Digital Signage can Improve your Business

4 Ways Digital Signage can Improve your Business 16 July 2021

Digital Signage is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers. Businesses of all sizes are utilizing the new technology available, to display product information, promote their services and enhance their customers’ experience. 

Whilst this new platform is becoming the modern marketers ‘go-to’, understanding how Digital Signage can benefit your business isn't always clear. Here are 4 ways Digital Signage solutions can Improve your business...

Interactive Training

Digital Signage offers various options for designing and tracking training portals for your business. 

From onboarding through to health and safety, compliance and development training, you can guide your learners and access their performance via custom reporting. Interactive features such as video playlists give you the option to structure training that sticks and tailor the experience to fit your team. 


Build a Meeting Room System 

By using a custom interactive control panel you can design every aspect of your meeting experience. From checking in, to changing the room temperature and lighting, you can use Digital Signage to create the ideal atmosphere.

Being able to set up meetings means you regain all of the time it can take booking and rebooking conference rooms. This also presents the opportunity to host potential clients, as your interactive interface can also order refreshments and display real-time information. 

By using Teams/Zoom applications you can book rooms and combine presenting to the room and remotely located individuals. 

Personalised Content Display 

Using Digital Signage solutions provides the freedom to display live news feeds, social media updates, or custom templates that you can create quickly and easily. Gone are the days of ordering and waiting for print to be designed and installed, now you control what information is displayed by remotely updating your signage, whilst having the ability to edit this whenever you want. 

Now you can tailor your messaging to your audience, be that visitors or staff. Auto triggered content such as proximity measuring and ID badge detection, can be used to deliver personalized communications so you can automate your digital campaigns and let the signage do the work for you. 

Create a Healthy Atmosphere 

Digital Signage technologies can highlight how your company cares about the well-being of its employees. Smart displays can communicate health facts and daily reminders, collect feedback about mental wellbeing and include health-centric competitions. 

Digital Signage offers more than just words on a screen. It can create a community in your workplace and become the centre of communication for your business. 

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