Your Office Relocation Checklist

Your Office Relocation Checklist 21 March 2018

If you are moving to a different building, or even a different office within the same building, there are a number of things you need to take into account…

There are lots of different reasons why companies move offices, whether it’s due to an increase (or decrease) in personnel, or if the move is related to a wider business and branding strategy, there are certain aspects of a relocation you need to consider carefully before starting the project. If your planning and execution of the office relocation is not conducted properly, you could end up with added cost and disruption.


Moving offices, particularly for large companies is not a simple process. While individual practices are easily managed, when carried out together as part of a larger operation it becomes a much more complicated affair. Not only will pre-planning save on time and lost productivity, but it will also reduce stress on your staff and those overseeing the move. First, you must asses what your new space will need in terms of space and facilities, review existing lease terms, and identify which furniture and systems you can do without during the move.

The priority during an office relocation is to ensure that regular, day-to-day processes are not disrupted and that mistakes are kept to a minimum. Hiring a professional office relocation company is strongly advised, as their knowledge and experience will provide the smoothest and most cost-effective solution.

HR Management

Managing your team, their comfort and morale during the move is highly important. As we mentioned, lack of disruption to day-to-day processes is a priority, and if your staff are uncomfortable or unsettled you risk negatively impacting your productivity. We have advice on how to manage your workforce during an office relocation here.

Choose the Right Supplier

There may be different suppliers you will need to work with during the move, including managed services, IT and cabling installation and designers. Hiring the best, most experienced companies to work with is key to ensuring your current assets and systems are maintained, while securing the best outcomes for the future. Being sure that everything will be in place for your new office is vital before commencing the move, as the situation could be costly should you have to wait days or weeks for tasks to be completed.

Design and Fit Out The Space

You need to make important decisions with your new space. Are you planning to rearrange the layout of your teams? Will this have a positive effect on the way they work? How will this affect productivity? A good office design will strike a balance between facilitating team-work and allowing for private, individual working. Your designers need to get to know your business, and what you require from your office space.

IT and Telecoms

With a new office layout comes new requirements for IT and telecom accessibility. You shouldn’t be bound by the existing layouts, as you don’t need to fundamentally change the way your business works just to accommodate your IT. Once you’ve decided on a layout, you should then build your IT and telecom infrastructure around that. Looking at network cabling in particular, you may need to plan this well in advance to ensure minimum disruption and the best quality service. If you would like to know more about our structured cabling services, head over to our cabling page to see how we can help you make the most of your new space.

Post-Relocation Assessment

Once you have moved, you must continue to assess how your team is performing and how the business is changing as a result. Moving office is a progressive step in your company’s development and is an ideal time to review how you work and the suppliers you work with. Moving can provide an opportunity to save money on your suppliers and move to a company who is more suited to your new location and environment.

If you would like help with your office relocation, or with the installation of structured cabling or wireless networks, please get in touch – we’d love to see how we can help you!

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