Upcoming Digital Transformations in 2020

Upcoming Digital Transformations in 2020 5 June 2020

All of the UK has been widely affected by the COVID-19 lockdown that began in March, in one way or another. Businesses’ circumstances have changed drastically including employees having to work from home for some organisations, through to complete closure for others. 

As many businesses have managed to continue through the global pandemic, it’s encouraging to finally see signs of change coming. This raises the question, “what is the new normal?”. We may need to consider how to adapt to suit future situations and make changes to both our working and customer facing environments.

As people begin to return to the office, some employers are returning staff at a gradual rate meaning many will still be working remotely. How do we continue to communicate with these remote employees at such a time where clear communication is key? Bearing in mind, when we return, what we once knew as ‘the office’ and ‘workforce communication’ may have changed forever.

New ways of communicating both internally and externally with staff and customers, such as video conferencing, have become one of the most popular options. This increase in the prevalence of video calls could be one of the biggest changes until things get back to normal so it will be worth transforming your corporate environment into a “visitor-friendly” zone so that you can talk with other colleagues, clients and supply-chain partners through video calls. Consider installing digital signage into offices and conference rooms to make this communication easier and restrict the number of external visitors. 

With all these future changes to take into account, it may be worth looking into a multi-platform strategy for future communication within your office to ensure messages are seen in different formats and through different hardware.

Predictions have been made that we could be looking at a new norm for the retail sector too, as companies collaborate with technology companies to develop automated shopper experiences via triggers such as proximity sensors linked to digital signage, for example utilising virtual screens instead of having queuing assistants, with a ‘stop and go’ system in place. 

Other new products in high demand are automatic hand sanitizer dispensers, some incorporating digital signage, along with people counting and temperature measurement cameras. Solutions like this are more relevant now than ever and as well as the use of proximity sensors, will be a key part of this new world as they are used to communicate the right targeted message and assist with managing social distancing and reducing the risk of virus transmission, especially in important for places like airports and event gatherings.

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