Improving Operations with Digital Logistics Solutions

Improving Operations with Digital Logistics Solutions 4 March 2019

All companies are looking to improve their operations, but not all of them are utilising digital software and hardware solutions to be able to do so.

As technology becomes more developed, it becomes harder for companies to ignore the potential it has for improving working practices and streamlining processes. There may be a reluctance to integrate technology with your company, but there is only so much improvement you can make without looking at the digital side of your business.

Hardware and Software

If you are looking to implement technology into your operations, you need to select a combination of appropriate hardware, and software which enables you to use the hardware in creative and effective ways. Thinking particularly about logistics, look at which area of the business will benefit from changes to operations, and which specific members of the team need access to hardware to be able to implement these changes. It may be you need a collection of smaller, personal devices such as tablets or laptops, or if larger groups of people need to be able to view and use the technology, video walls or digital signage. Then, you need to install dynamic software which will allow you to control and manipulate your technology quickly and easily to allow your users to get the most out of it. Conceptunet are partnered with SignStix to be able to offer our clients a complete solution, providing both hardware and software for a variety of purposes.

Digital Logistics Solution For A Large Grocery Retailer

Working with SignStix, we delivered a tightly-integrated digital logistics solution designed to vastly improve warehouse operations for one of the UK’s largest grocery retailers. Complete with telematics integrations, internal live data feeds and real-time content updates, the retailer’s ‘Delivery Hub’ application is hosted and managed within SignStix’s core platform and displayed on digital signage units around the warehouses. Data is taken from the grocer’s telematics provider indicating the arrival times and destinations of specific delivery trucks, and then pushed to state-of-the-art digital displays running SignStix software. In addition to visual notifications, audio notifications alert teams of a truck arrivals, including alerts via staff headsets and a klaxon. These updates occur instantly in real-time, and are visible across the entire supply chain network, which consists of over 600 warehouses and two national distribution centres.

If you would like to know more about how you can use technology to improve your logistical operations, please get in touch. Conceptunet has built a reputation for excellence within the IT sector, and have over 20 years worth of experience in digitally transforming companies.

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