HR and Office Relocation

HR and Office Relocation 29 November 2017

Moving offices is a big undertaking for a company of any size, and logistics aside, there are a number of HR and personnel issues to manage.

A change of location provides new opportunities for businesses; a new image, new outlook and the chance to change the way your team works and your business operates. The ultimate aim of an office relocation is to improve team morale and comfortably accommodate your workforce, however this should be taken into account throughout the whole process, and not just something to work towards. During your office relocation, you must work to keep morale high and ensure a comfortable work space is provided while the move is taking place, otherwise by the time the relocation is complete, motivation may be lower than before.

To counter this, you must ensure all staff members are regularly communicated with, feel involved in the process and are able to raise any concerns or questions they may have. An office relocation is more than just a physical upheaval, and you need to avoid unsettling your team too much.

Manage Expectations

The levels of expectations among your team will differ from person to person, and so will enthusiasm. Relocation can affect people’s daily routines in a number of different ways from something as simple as how close the nearest shop is, to something more disruptive such as commute times. It’s important to recognise that people’s routines will be different as a result, but maintain a positive attitude, and provide clear justification for the move.

Monitor The Situation After The Relocation

Once the move has taken place, there may be issues that arise that have not been accounted for. No matter how much planning and preparation takes place, there will always be small details that are not revealed until the office is back in full operation. Remain open to feedback, and actively encourage team members to air their concerns or bring issues to management's attention. While not all concerns can be addressed, having an open door policy will help improve overall communication and involve all members of your team in the process.

Managing The Logistics of Office Relocation

In terms of the logistical side of office relocation, Conceptunet provide a number of managed services. Whether this is a permanent relocation or a temporary solution during an installation or renovation, we take care of all planning and practical aspects of your move. Take a look at what Conceptunet can do for you.

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