How can digital signage improve Health and Safety in the workplace?

How can digital signage improve Health and Safety in the workplace? 15 March 2021

Health and safety is vital for any working environment. It should be the first priority of running an organisation, to ensure safety measures are in place and employees are working in a healthy environment. Are your safety practices up to scratch, and can your employees recognise the dangers of the workplace clearly? You can use your digital signage for workplace safety - to spread the word and help reduce accidents. Here's how digital signage is able to enhance that. 

Provide guidance

All working environments legally require clear, up to date, health and safety information at all times, making digital signage the ideal platform for employers to communicate with both staff and visitors. Digital signage can help avoid catastrophe in the event of an emergency.

If a fire alarm was sounding in a large worksite, such as an office or factory, the digital signage installed can be updated in a matter of seconds or, in some cases, automatically triggered to show the correct evacuation process. This can include clear directions to fire exits and meeting points and can also include audio instructions if desired. 

Pre-warning employees

The signage you have installed can be updated instantly to inform employees of upcoming events and warnings. For example, if fire alarm tests were due to take place, staff would be informed and know there’s no need to react to the alarms.Warnings can also be used to alert of no entry points or safety equipment required before entering certain areas. An example is when hospitals use signage outside of x-ray rooms to inform staff x-ray is taking place or “safety hat and boots must be worn” before entering a construction site. Proximity sensors can be integrated to enable automatic visual and audible warnings for vehicle movements or other hazards. Digital screens can also be used to assist in safe Covid management. Temperature and people counting hardware can be linked to screens via a suitable CMS to provide automated visual and audible warnings of potential Covid cases or overcrowded workspaces. 

Present across multiple locations

Digital signage can be installed in whatever way best suits your working environment. From standard screens mounted on walls, freestanding digital posters or screens integrated in mobile units just because your work is based outdoors, that does not mean digital signage cannot be used with a wide range of IP rated screens and enclosures available. A suitable Content Management System will enable key location-specific messaging to be communicated across multiple departments and sites.  Using digital signage correctly can help engage your audience and help people remain safe, healthy and productive in their working environment. 

Conceptunet’s experienced team of project managers and engineers can assist throughout the deployment process, from helping identify the best communication strategy, through the supply and installation of hardware/CMS to ongoing support for content management and maintenance.

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